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Great moments in entertainment

Captured here are some of the most memorable moments in entertainment history.  I'm sure you remember these scenes just as vividly as I do.


"I'll be in the cafeteria sellin' smokes"

Bob and Doug McKenzie are put in jail in the blockbuster hit, Strange Brew.

"I got the poo on me!"

After being covered in feces Joe Dirt cries, "I got the poo on me!"

"I'm goin' down the mountain"

The Cos pretends he's skiing on the world's best-written TV show of all time, The Family Guy.

"Hey retard, you aren't worth it"

Another classic moment from Joe Dirt.  Right before this Joe tells his "Boeing Bomb," (Joe Meteor,) that "town is where everyone hates you and all the kids try to beat you up."

Trenton Teigen as Student #5

Hollywood heart-throb, Trenton Teigen, shows signs of approval in the classroom scene in Ghost Dad.  Teigen brought home 3 golden globes for his enthralling performance as Student #5.

"So's I spent most of my time lookin' for beers"

A scene from 2051 AD.  The world had been devestated by nucular war.  All the bowling allies had been wrecked so Bob spent most of his time lookin' for beers.

"This must be a dream"

The Cos going through a bus that hit him in Ghost Dad. Cos played businessman Elliott Hopper. Some say his performance in Ghost Dad was his best since his work in Leonard Part Six.

All stools must go