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Here are some of my pictures

Welcome to the polabaer.freeservers.com photo archive.  These are the timeless classics of the site.  My stomach is cramping up.  I'm probably just going to fart but i fear it may be diarrhea.


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Who's ready for sledding, eh? You better believe that's a Molson in my hand!

I got drunk at the Lafayette Hill Bar Crawl and "Jen Walshed" everywhere. From left to right: Matt Baer, Jen Walsh, Stephane Beauregard.

Dr. Harvey Elephant

Harv and Britney going at it

Me and Geddy Lee chillin' in my studio in Toronto

One time Roman Cechmanek came over my house and took a picture of himself on my computer

Only the classiest of players can ride the stick

Me and the Huxtables during my short stint on the Cosby show as wacky white neighbor, Gordy

Phenomenon known as the "Terry Turn-off"

OOPS, How did that get in there?

The Crown Vic was so decent

Me and my old lady LilDaniGyrl

Princess Dee

Phantoms' captain, Mark Greig, welcomes Phantoms' newest player, right winger Allen Iverson

Sledding is more fun when you are dragging from the back of an automobile

Crazy Irish guy from the Lafayette Hill Bar Crawl

Kenn Kweder is the man!

Lil Dee's all Flyered up

Mmmmmmmmmm... Birthday Icing

Rob and some sleeping fat guy at my cousin Andrew's wedding

...well now your fingers are gonna hurt more cause you just pulled skate key duty. Anyone else's fingers hurt?

Me and my cousin Michael

Sure, this picture is creepy - but it makes me laugh

Gordon Elephant's high school yearbook picture

A magazine ad I did a few years back

This kid can flat oat play. Mark is one of the youngest netminders in the league and he's bound to become one of the premier backup goalkeepers.

Here he is... Troy Crowder. This is him playing for New Jersey's hockey team - the "Steaming Mound of Feces." Crowder had over 200 PIM in just 69 games with "the Mound."

I caught this anonymous superhero taking a crap

Bet-Attack featuring Busta Rhymes

Me when I had that wicked case of acromegaly

You know what I haven't had in a while? Big League Chew